Global Warming: Essays and Poems for the Spirit HTML version

Global Warming (p 4)
Declining Dualism (p 7)
Earth’s Final Exam (p 8)
Is Survival the Only Virtue? (p 12)
The Joy of Surfing and the Danger of Flatlining (p 14)
The Spirit Gives Life (p 16)
Selfishness: Cause, Consequence, and Cure (p 18)
Love, and Do What You Like (p 20)
Righteousness (p 22)
The Courage to Be Nothing (p 24)
Love and Light (p 25)
How to Dampen the Cycle of Negativity (p 27)
What Does God Want? (p 28)
What Happens When We Die? (p 30)
What Are the Disadvantages of Money Economies? (p 31)
Can We Understand the Universe? (p 33)
Your Salvation Is Not Far (p 37)
The Light Does Not Condemn You (p 39)
In This Human Frame (p 41)
Relationships: Illusion and Reality (p 43)
For Ralph Waldo Emerson (p 45)
Other People (p 47)
The Mirror (p 48)
To Live (p 51)
Isaiah in Verse (p 54)