Global Toxicity Chemicals - A Worldwide Nightmare HTML version

Please note that I use spelling throughout this document (excepting for
quotes) in accordance with The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary of the
English Language, International Edition (American Heritage Publishing Co.,
Inc. 1975).
This means, necessarily, that I use American spelling, not English/Australian.
Various staff and students at the University of Western Sydney –
Hawkesbury, and other individuals have provided invaluable assistance
toward the furtherance of this ongoing study. This assistance has been
provided in the form of fieldwork, the highly practical arena where
important soil and water samples are gathered.
Also, water and soil tests in the University laboratories have added
valuable data over the years. In other areas, private citizens have
partaken in interviews, and offered opportunities for soil and water
testing. Without these many participants, no hard data or first-hand
information could have been effectively garnered to be used as the basis
for analyses.
In 1995, agriculture students participating in many of the above
contributions were: Joanne Adams, Rachel Austin, Leah de Glas, and Erin
Shonk. Faculty of Agriculture (now Faculty of Environmental
Management and Agriculture) staff member and Senior Technical
Officer, Mark Emanuel, was particularly helpful in 1995 with regard to
the water tests performed revealing unusual levels of sodium chloride
and low-range phosphorus.
In 1996, the students who provided valuable assistance (noted
specifically throughout the assignment), were: Stephen Paul Dawe and
Shahrooz Nouri. Science and Technology staff members Sharon
Birmingham (Senior Technical Officer), Sue Cusbert (Technical Officer)
and Sharon Armstrong (Laboratory Technician), were exceedingly helpful
with regard to soil and water testing (also noted specifically throughout),
particularly bore water heavy metals tests.
Further thanks go to Mr. Alan mills and Ms. Marian Streicher.
My grateful thanks to all concerned.