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Ozma and Dorothy
Residing in Ozma's palace at this time was a live Scarecrow, a most remarkable and
intelligent creature who had once ruled the Land of Oz for a brief period and was much
loved and respected by all the people. Once a Munchkin farmer had stuffed an old suit of
clothes with straw and put stuffed boots on the feet and used a pair of stuffed cotton
gloves for hands. The head of the Scarecrow was a stuffed sack fastened to the body, with
eyes, nose, mouth and ears painted on the sack. When a hat had been put on the head, the
thing was a good imitation of a man. The farmer placed the Scarecrow on a pole in his
cornfield and it came to life in a curious manner. Dorothy, who was passing by the field,
was hailed by the live Scarecrow and lifted him off his pole. He then went with her to the
Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz gave him some excellent brains, and the
Scarecrow soon became an important personage.
Ozma considered the Scarecrow one of her best friends and most loyal subjects, so the
morning after her visit to Glinda she asked him to take her place as Ruler of the Land of
Oz while she was absent on a journey, and the Scarecrow at once consented without
asking any questions.
Ozma had warned Dorothy to keep their journey a secret and say nothing to anyone about
the Skeezers and Flatheads until their return, and Dorothy promised to obey. She longed
to tell her girl friends, tiny Trot and Betsy Bobbin, of the adventure they were
undertaking, but refrained from saying a word on the subject although both these girls
lived with her in Ozma's palace.
Indeed, only Glinda the Sorceress knew they were going, until after they had gone, and
even the Sorceress didn't know what their errand might be.
Princess Ozma took the Sawhorse and the Red Wagon, although she was not sure there
was a wagon road all the way to the Lake of the Skeezers. The Land of Oz is a pretty big
place, surrounded on all sides by a Deadly Desert which it is impossible to cross, and the
Skeezer Country, according to the map, was in the farthest northwestern part of Oz,
bordering on the north desert. As the Emerald City was exactly in the center of Oz, it was
no small journey from there to the Skeezers.
Around the Emerald City the country is thickly settled in every direction, but the farther
away you get from the city the fewer people there are, until those parts that border on the
desert have small populations. Also those faraway sections are little known to the Oz
people, except in the south, where Glinda lives and where Dorothy has often wandered on
trips of exploration.
The least known of all is the Gillikin Country, which harbors many strange bands of
people among its mountains and valleys and forests and streams, and Ozma was now
bound for the most distant part of the Gillikin Country.
"I am really sorry," said Ozma to Dorothy, as they rode away in the Red Wagon, "not to
know more about the wonderful Land I rule. It is my duty to be acquainted with every
tribe of people and every strange and hidden country in all Oz, but I am kept so busy at
my palace making laws and planning for the comforts of those who live near the Emerald
City, that I do not often find time to make long journeys."