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Glinda's Triumph
Of course all those who had joined Glinda's expedition at once crossed the bridge to the
island, where they were warmly welcomed by the Skeezers. Before all the concourse of
people Princess Ozma made a speech from a porch of the palace and demanded that they
recognize her as their lawful Ruler and promise to obey the laws of the Land of Oz. In
return she agreed to protect them from all future harm and declared they would no longer
be subjected to cruelty and abuse.
This pleased the Skeezers greatly, and when Ozma told them they might elect a Queen to
rule over them, who in turn would be subject to Ozma of Oz, they voted for Lady Aurex,
and that same day the ceremony of crowning the new Queen was held and Aurex was
installed as mistress of the palace.
For her Prime Minister the Queen selected Ervic, for the three Adepts had told of his
good judgment, faithfulness and cleverness, and all the Skeezers approved the
Glinda, the Wizard and the Adepts stood on the bridge and recited an incantation that
quite filled the lake with water again, and the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl climbed
to the top of the Great Dome and replaced the pane of glass that had been removed to
allow Glinda and her followers to enter.
When evening came Ozma ordered a great feast prepared, to which every Skeezer was
invited. The village was beautifully decorated and brilliantly lighted and there was music
and dancing until a late hour to celebrate the liberation of the people. For the Skeezers
had been freed, not only from the water of the lake but from the cruelty of their former
As the people from the Emerald City prepared the next morning to depart Queen Aurex
said to Ozma:
"There is only one thing I now fear for my people, and that is the enmity of the terrible
Su-dic of the Flatheads. He is liable to come here at any time and try to annoy us, and my
Skeezers are peaceful folks and unable to fight the wild and wilful Flatheads."
"Do not worry," returned Ozma, reassuringly. "We intend to stop on our way at the
Flatheads' Enchanted Mountain and punish the Su-dic for his misdeeds."
That satisfied Aurex and when Ozma and her followers trooped over the bridge to the
shore, having taken leave of their friends, all the Skeezers cheered them and waved their
hats and handkerchiefs, and the band played and the departure was indeed a ceremony
long to be remembered.
The three Adepts at Magic, who had formerly ruled the Flatheads wisely and
considerately, went with Princess Ozma and her people, for they had promised Ozma to
stay on the mountain and again see that the laws were enforced.