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The Enchanted Fishes
I must now tell you what happened to Ervic and the three other Skeezers who were left
floating in the iron boat after Queen Coo-ee-oh had been transformed into a Diamond
Swan by the magic of the Flathead Su-dic.
The four Skeezers were all young men and their leader was Ervic. Coo-ee-oh had taken
them with her in the boat to assist her if she captured the Flathead chief, as she hoped to
do by means of her silver rope. They knew nothing about the witchcraft that moved the
submarine and so, when left floating upon the lake, were at a loss what to do. The
submarine could not be submerged by them or made to return to the sunken island. There
were neither oars nor sails in the boat, which was not anchored but drifted quietly upon
the surface of the lake.
The Diamond Swan had no further thought or care for her people. She had sailed over to
the other side of the lake and all the calls and pleadings of Ervic and his companions
were unheeded by the vain bird. As there was nothing else for them to do, they sat quietly
in their boat and waited as patiently as they could for someone to come to their aid.
The Flatheads had refused to help them and had gone back to their mountain. All the
Skeezers were imprisoned in the Great Dome and could not help even themselves. When
evening came, they saw the Diamond Swan, still keeping to the opposite shore of the
lake, walk out of the water to the sands, shake her diamond- sprinkled feathers, and then
disappear among the bushes to seek a resting place for the night.
"I'm hungry," said Ervic.
"I'm cold," said another Skeezer.
"I'm tired," said a third.
"I'm afraid," said the last one of them.
But it did them no good to complain. Night fell and the moon rose and cast a silvery
sheen over the surface of the water.
"Go to sleep," said Ervic to his companions. "I'll stay awake and watch, for we may be
rescued in some unexpected way.
So the other three laid themselves down in the bottom of the boat and were soon fast
Ervic watched. He rested himself by leaning over the bow of the boat, his face near to the
moonlit water, and thought dreamily of the day's surprising events and wondered what
would happen to the prisoners in the Great Dome.
Suddenly a tiny goldfish popped its head above the surface of the lake, not more than a
foot from his eyes. A silverfish then raised its head beside that of the goldfish, and a
moment later a bronzefish lifted its head beside the others. The three fish, all in a row,
looked earnestly with their round, bright eyes into the astonished eyes of Ervic the