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Ozma's Counsellors
No Ruler ever had such a queer assortment of advisers as the Princess Ozma had gathered
about her throne. Indeed, in no other country could such amazing people exist. But Ozma
loved them for their peculiarities and could trust every one of them.
First there was the Tin Woodman. Every bit of him was tin, brightly polished. All his
joints were kept well oiled and moved smoothly. He carried a gleaming axe to prove he
was a woodman, but seldom had cause to use it because he lived in a magnificent tin
castle in the Winkie Country of Oz and was the Emperor of all the Winkies. The Tin
Woodman's name was Nick Chopper. He had a very good mind, but his heart was not of
much account, so he was very careful to do nothing unkind or to hurt anyone's feelings.
Another counsellor was Scraps, the Patchwork Girl of Oz, who was made of a gaudy
patchwork quilt, cut into shape and stuffed with cotton. This Patchwork Girl was very
intelligent, but so full of fun and mad pranks that a lot of more stupid folks thought she
must be crazy. Scraps was jolly under all conditions, however grave they might be, but
her laughter and good spirits were of value in cheering others and in her seemingly
careless remarks much wisdom could often be found.
Then there was the Shaggy Man -- shaggy from head to foot, hair and whiskers, clothes
and shoes -- but very kind and gentle and one of Ozma's most loyal supporters.
Tik-Tok was there, a copper man with machinery inside him, so cleverly constructed that
he moved, spoke and thought by three separate clock-works. Tik-Tok was very reliable
because he always did exactly what he was wound up to do, but his machinery was liable
to run down at times and then he was quite helpless until wound up again.
A different sort of person was Jack Pumpkinhead, one of Ozma's oldest friends and her
companion on many adventures. Jack's body was very crude and awkward, being formed
of limbs of trees of different sizes, jointed with wooden pegs. But it was a substantial
body and not likely to break or wear out, and when it was dressed the clothes covered
much of its roughness. The head of Jack Pumpkinhead was, as you have guessed, a ripe
pumpkin, with the eyes, nose and mouth carved upon one side. The pumpkin was stuck
on Jack's wooden neck and was liable to get turned sidewise or backward and then he
would have to straighten it with his wooden hands.
The worst thing about this sort of a head was that it did not keep well and was sure to
spoil sooner or later. So Jack's main business was to grow a field of fine pumpkins each
year, and always before his old head spoiled he would select a fresh pumpkin from the
field and carve the features on it very neatly, and have it ready to replace the old head
whenever it became necessary. He didn't always carve it the same way, so his friends
never knew exactly what sort of an expression they would find on his face. But there was
no mistaking him, because he was the only pumpkin- headed man alive in the Land of