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Flathead Mountain
When they saw that the intruders on their mountain were only two little girls, the
Flatheads grunted with satisfaction and drew back, permitting them to see what the
mountain top looked like. It was shaped like a saucer, so that the houses and other
buildings -- all made of rocks -- could not be seen over the edge by anyone standing in
the plain below.
But now a big fat Flathead stood before the girls and in a gruff voice demanded:
"What are you doing here? Have the Skeezers sent you to spy upon us?"
"I am Princess Ozma, Ruler of all the Land of Oz."
"Well, I've never heard of the Land of Oz, so you may be what you claim," returned the
"This is the Land of Oz -- part of it, anyway," exclaimed Dorothy. "So Princess Ozma
rules you Flathead people, as well as all the other people in Oz."
The man laughed, and all the others who stood around laughed, too. Some one in the
crowd called:
"She'd better not tell the Supreme Dictator about ruling the Flatheads. Eh, friends?"
"No, indeed!" they all answered in positive tones.
"Who is your Supreme Dictator?" answered Ozma.
"I think I'll let him tell you that himself," answered the man who had first spoken. "You
have broken our laws by coming here; and whoever you are the Supreme Dictator must
fix your punishment. Come along with me."
He started down a path and Ozma and Dorothy followed him without protest, as they
wanted to see the most important person in this queer country. The houses they passed
seemed pleasant enough and each had a little yard in which were flowers and vegetables.
Walls of rock separated the dwellings, and all the paths were paved with smooth slabs of
rock. This seemed their only building material and they utilized it cleverly for every
Directly in the center of the great saucer stood a larger building which the Flathead
informed the girls was the palace of the Supreme Dictator. He led them through an
entrance hall into a big reception room, where they sat upon stone benches and awaited
the coming of the Dictator. Pretty soon he entered from another room -- a rather lean and
rather old Flathead, dressed much like the others of this strange race, and only
distinguished from them by the sly and cunning expression of his face. He kept his eyes
half closed and looked through the slits of them at Ozma and Dorothy, who rose to
receive him.
"Are you the Supreme Dictator of the Flatheads?" inquired Ozma.