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Mehdi looked around and saw a glass case, and inside one Pulse Ray shotgun, and a
scope, for long range firing. The red beam version. A very deadly, highly illegal, and extremely
expensive weapon. Seventy thousand units at least. Mehdi‟s lips broke into a smile.
“I‟d ask if someone‟s collecting, but I don‟t see any other firearms in here,” Mehdi said,
stepping over to the glass case and admiring the fine feat in robotic engineering. Everything in
the year 2146 was built by robots. He strolled back to his original place, and looked at the
family. His eyes were alight. “So who is the owner of that fine piece of weaponry?” None of the
family members looked at him, but each kept their hands in the air. “Who has the access in this
family to acquire such a firearm? This is Alias-77 after all, the platform with the fewest illegal
firearms on the street. The weapon contained behind that glass is highly illegal. It was made or
purchased. I don‟t think you have the means to purchase such a piece of machinery.”
The family remained silent. Ten seconds passed before Mehdi raised his right index
finger, his expression indifferent, and pointed it at the middle-aged Hispanic man. A split second
later a loud whistle sounded, and the back of his head erupted as a thin laser tore through it.
Blood splashed on the white sofa, and his body leaned back and lay half against the sofa he‟d
dirtied. His head lolled. A thin trickle of drool depended from the corner of his wet lips. The
middle-aged woman screamed, her old, seamed hands going up to her mouth. The girls and the
boy began to cry.
“I‟ll make it simple,” Mehdi said, scratching at the section of beard on the right side of
his face. “Point out the humanoid in this residence and I take my men and we leave.” The cries
continued. They gave no response. The ladyâ€"apparently, the wifeâ€"threw her body upon the
dead man. The others kept their attention on Mehdi.
Not bad. The team seems calm. The team might be ready for missions beyond this.