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electro-pellet blasters, fifteen laser AK’s with the stippled grip, and ten multi-shot, triple
barreled shotguns, stolen by Aldo’s soldiers three days ago, leaving us with this quality, but
unfamiliar option purchased at the last minute. So many weapons lost and so much money spent
thanks to Aldo. There will be longer training sessions after tonight, fifty hours a week, if we can
find the time. Of course, I might have to lighten the flock by then. A quick toss off the edge of our
home platform will be the means of doing that. Of course, I’ll have to deal with an explanation to
some of the surviving members, and Mina, I’ll have to tell her. She’ll want to know that I’m not
just killing indiscriminately. She’ll wantâ€"
“Boss, what are we doing?”
Mehdi blinked. He came back to the present, saw his soldiers in their black fatigue
uniforms and their laser-rifles aimed squarely at the foreheads of the family members
“All right,” Mehdi said, and pointed to the stairs. “Make sure all the rooms on the top
floor are empty.” Two of the fifteen soldiers ran up the stairs with the barrels of their weapons
out in front of them.
“All right, ladies and gentlemen, I promise this will be quick. Now, where is the
humanoid?” He stepped forward, and his eyes slid over the family. O ne Black woman looked
about fifty, and one Hispanic woman, perhaps seventy. There were three younger girls, each
around ten give or take a year. A middle aged Hispanic man that was probably husband to the
woman in her fifties. And a teenage boy, probably thirteen, biracial. All the kids, probably
biracial. But that told him nothing.
“Boss,” one of the soldiers said. “Toward the wall.”