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Cate Cavanagh

PublishAmerica Baltimore

© 2003 by Cate Cavanagh.
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Don’t Poem ©2000 Cate Cavanagh.

ISBN: 1-59286-876-2

Printed in the United States of America


As promised, for “Sis” Acknowledgements

I am grateful to The Creator Of Us All through whom only GOOD things flow and who gave the words so freely with which to share my truth. I thank my spirits, guides and Raphael, The Archangel, for the awareness they have provided me. I honor my eclectic heritage and the hereditary gifts I received from my mother’s family.

I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to my spiritual teacher, Ceremonial Chief WhiteEagle of Livingston Manor, New York. Ceremonial Chief WhiteEagle is an authority on the religions and spirituality of many and diverse cultures as well as a healer and Spiritual Leader to different Native Nations. He has helped me “put together” all I have learned and kept me ever mindful that it is selfless generosity and compassion that defines spirituality.

I also thank Yvonne Warner, of Sullivan County, New York. Yvonne is a gifted channeler, healer and teacher of her truth who has shared the wisdom of her Higher Sprit, Ferú who channels through her.

I am grateful to my first husband, Victor, whose uniqueness first initiated me into studying the impact word connotations and definitions have on outcomes. I give thanks for and to my daughter, Lore, whose uninfluenced early childhood ‘sightings’ further validated that the spirit within will always make truth known.

I wish to express my love, appreciation and devotion to my husband, Ralph, for his endless support and patience for he was truly held captive on my journey.


I would also like to give a special thanks to Thomas “Jack” Jaccarino for his infinite patience with providing me technical support during the writing of this book.