Gift Of The Mancynn HTML version

When Earth‟s men will fall
On the day of evil‟s creation
A wall of flames will rise on the horizon
And a future they have set
By the protectors of time and space
A quest known, yet unknown to the universe
Man will change the past by the future
The temple in metal will awaken
Then a friend will trick one of death
When the first star shines blue
A time when death is thrown at heroism
The scout will kill the sneak
When creation is torn apart
The planet‟s cage burns
When God‟s Chariot falls
When end itself crumbles
He‟ll look upon the death of darkness
When the one sent to destroy shall do so
When the eighth dimension calls
Destiny opens its ring and kills its heart
A new dawn, unforeseen by the Gods
When living hope dies
A new universe is born
Evolution at the smile.
Translated extract from the Book of Alternity: author unknown.