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These are:
These and most other similar sites are organized categorically by work type –
generally you’ll find ghostwriters lurking in whatever section is called “writing”
or “copywriting,” which, for arcane reasons, is often joined with “translation”
services though these are hardly related at all other than in, obviously, dealing
with words.
The major auction sites are free to browse, and often free to join as a buyer (just
like eBay).
And because they also offer restricted-access (as do other more exclusive services)
we’ll discuss them further in the next section.
Online Restricted-Access Freelance Project Auctions
Elance and offer multiple levels of service to both project owners and
prospective vendors of the services they need. In theory, the more you pay in
fees, the better projects you have access to as a vendor – and the better providers
you will get responses from as a buyer of services.
There may be some truth to this; there may not.
In most cases including Elance and, the buyer (you) has to do very
little to open an account, has almost no requirements other than to verify the
ability to pay, which is usually no more complex than registering a credit card,
and you are under no obligations until you affirmatively award business to
“Ghostwriting” is not a regulated trade, as, of course, writing is not generally.
This means there are thousands of people who make writing services available
who may or may not have the qualifications you want, or any qualifications at
all. They may have been successfully writing for decades, or may have decided
last Tuesday to try their hand at freelancing.
The “restricted access” levels on Elance and and the more exclusive
online project auctions – some of which charge annual fees in excess of $5000 –
are intended to weed out truly unqualified vendors on the premise that hack
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