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Now that you’re thinking about how you might be able to use a ghostwriter,
how do you find one, and what should you expect when you do?
Finding a Ghostwriter
Ghostwriter is not normally a title you will see advertised, nor can you generally
look up “ghostwriter” in your local yellow pages. Chances are also that if you
have friends or colleagues who use ghostwriters, first, they may be reluctant to
admit it, and second, they generally won’t pass the person along to you, because
he or she is their secret weapon.
Certainly if you have friends or associates who rave about a reliable ghostwriter,
you can start there, but we’re assuming for most of you that isn’t the case so we
need to think about where to go to get started.
Fundamentally ghostwriting is just a form of freelance writing. It may be a more
advanced and valuable form, but most ghosting is done by professional or part-
time freelancers, so you can start looking for ghosts the same way you would
look for any freelance writing work.
Five Ways of Finding Freelancers
Finding freelancers was never difficult – most are hungry and fairly eager! With
the advent of the internet this has gotten much easier, as various online
marketplaces and classifieds-style websites have popped up.
You can find freelancers at least five ways online.
1. Online open access freelance project auctions
2. Online restricted-access project auctions
3. Online open classifieds
4. Job boards
5. Freelancers’ own listings
Let’s take a brief look at each one.
Online Open Access Freelance Project Auctions
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