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The bottom line is there is no shame in using a ghostwriter! And a ghostwriter
can help you accomplish things in your business you’d never otherwise achieve.
How To Choose, Find, Use and Profit From A Ghostwriter
The rest of our report will teach you about how to find, choose, use, work with,
and get results with a ghostwriter; as well as some of the major pitfalls and red
flags to avoid; and some ideas to get you started in finding that great ghostwriter
for your next project.
For a moment, think about why and where you might want to use the services of a
E-books – without question this is the most popular use for ghostwriters
today. While traditional big-house publishing is out of reach for most
entrepreneurs and would-be authors, it is also unnecessary with the
advent of the “e-book,” or electronic book. E-books range in length from
just a couple of dozen pages in Microsoft Word format to elaborate
“publications” in formats like Adobe Acrobat, complete with illustrations.
E-books have a variety of business uses including brand-building,
promotion of a services business, and in many cases, the direct sale of
information itself.
Traditional manuscripts or screenplays – another common use of
ghostwriters is where people have ideas for, say, a novel or movie, and
can’t quite flesh out the story in the way they want. You can present a
ghostwriter with some chapters, a full book that needs to be “scrubbed” or
“punched up” or even just some ideas, and get a better book written much
faster than trying to complete it on your own.
Articles for publication – one great way to build a consulting brand is to
publish articles in relevant places, online, or elsewhere. Frequently
though, subject matter experts have great insight into materials but less
than great ability to craft compelling reading about it. A big percentage of
the articles in major legal, medical, marketing, and other trade and
professional journals are ghostwritten, and it’s a great way for anyone to
look like a star in print.
Marketing materials with a byline – such as letters, direct mail, emails,
“welcome” materials on web sites, auction listings.
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