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Why You Need a Ghostwriter
As a successful entrepreneur you need to communicate all day, every day, with
your customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and others.
Chances are you are pretty good, perhaps even excellent at spoken
communications. Chances are you are also pretty good when it comes to very
short factual written communications, like emails, or short business letters.
However, whether you have major writing-related business plans such as
creating in-depth websites, or writing white papers or e-books, books for
traditional print publishing or presentations to be distributed, you may benefit
from the services of a so-called “ghost writer” or “ghostwriter.”
Ghostwriters can help you with fiction or non-fiction; they can help you with
materials you have in development or they can help you with crafting materials
from scratch. They can even help with every day business communications,
though they may not be as cost-effective for that.
Like any ‘human capital’ resource, the trick with finding and using a great
ghostwriter is in understanding what you’re trying to achieve, matching the
resource to your goals, timelines, and budgets, and recognizing what a
ghostwriter can and cannot do for you and your business.
Chances are, he or she can do a lot!
Ghostwriters Are Your “Secret” Weapon
You’ve probably worked with various writing professionals before, such as
copywriters or an ad agency.
Ghostwriters are different from other forms of professional writers for hire,
mostly in one important way. The understanding with ghostwriters is generally
that the written material will be published under your name – as if you wrote it.
This is the explanation of the term “ghost” since in most situations the
ghostwriter will be “invisible” to the normal reader of the material.
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