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We’d say you want US, UK, Canada or similarly-based resources. You can shop
regions. A typical NYC writer will generally charge more than a typical Katy,
Texas writer, for obvious reasons.
What About Prior Experience? Can It Be Verified?
You definitely want to hire experienced writers, but unfortunately, specific
experience can often not be verified, either because the work was actually
covered by a Nondisclosure (as a huge percentage of ghostwriting and indeed
copywriting is), or for other reasons.
Also, when we say “experienced” we mean experienced at the kind of writing
relationship, deadlines, and project you have – and except in a few complex
scientific, tech and medical areas, specific subject matter background generally
matters less than basic skills and professional writing experience. A truly
talented writer can write on almost any topic effectively, if given time to do the
necessary research.
In terms of qualifying, bear in mind that you can ask things of an independent
contractor that you might have legal trouble with asking a potential W2
employee. You can ask detailed questions about experience and background, you
can even ask how old someone is, since experience in a contractor is not the same
as in an employee – and while the law is evolving on this, you are unlikely to get
sued by asking a contractor who claims 25 years of experience how old he is. If
he’s 28, that should tell you something, since some writers might well start
professional work in their late teens, but none start at age 3!
Writing Samples – And How To Read Them
You can and should request writing samples, as well as having a detailed written
exchange with any potential writer. Writers write – you should get fairly fast,
fairly literate replies to any questions you may have.
You can also start to gauge whether you and the writer will have a personality
fit, from the interactions about the samples and other early discussions.
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