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As an example of the number of possibilities Elance boasts that it has “50,000”
professionals available at any time. Even if this is true, and you decide to peruse
Elance in your search for a great ghostwriter, how can you possibly select from
among 50,000 or even 50 writers effectively?
The answer is, you can’t, really. What you can do is “qualify out” the majority of
potential submissions and then develop the ability to quickly assess the rest,
culling the herd down to just a few from among which you will then choose.
First, you can – and we generally recommend you do – avoid offshore resources
for writing. This will reduce the bidding pool significantly on any of the project
auction sites or the response rates to your classifieds or job listings.
How About Offshore Resources?
While offshore resources offer a compelling price point, our experience is in
writing you are dealing with subtleties that are both cultural and linguistic and
the money saved using someone in India, Mexico, Argentina or China to write
prose will be spent two or three times over fixing their work, as well as wasting
time and causing frustration.
Remember we are talking about ghostwriting – not general copywriting for
example for search engine optimization purposes. That sort of keyword-driven
work can easily be done offshore with great results. Ghostwriting of longer
pieces with personality and skill, cannot.
When you are producing “content” for a series of websites or RSS feeds or
similar kinds of “word hungry” situations where the actual quality of the writing
as writing is less important than length, word frequency and other factors that
can be handled by almost anyone who has basic competence with written
English, we encourage you to go for a cheap resource that delivers. You need
volume and speed primarily, and volume and speed can be had for a song.
On the other hand, when you’re writing something more meaningful, intended
to be read and reread, that you may charge money for and that will have your
name and or your company’s name clearly associated with it, you want
something better than just OK.
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