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As long as you are clear that what you are offering is a contract position with
specific deliveries and limited duration, you may find that the big job boards get
you a much wider audience than even the biggest of the online auction sites.
Of course, the “bidding” aspect and other facets of the online auction are gone.
You need to have an idea what you want to spend, or be open to discussing
potential budgets with prospective writers directly.
Also with job boards, the burden for covering the costs (though generally
minimal) shift to you as the “employer” versus the auction model, where the
vendor (i.e. employee) covers the major fees. This minor investment may well be
worth it, however.
Freelancers’ Own Listings
Freelance writers are generally always looking for work. In addition to the
various auction sites, classifieds you can post, and job listings you can post, you
may be able to find freelancers themselves through their own ad campaigns, web
sites, “situation wanted” classifieds, or similar means.
The fact that a freelance resource is advertising says nothing about the nature or
quality of his or her work.
Use your judgment – if a freelance listing looks professional and appealing to
you, get in touch and discuss your project. This is as close as it gets to the yellow
pages in this business!
Now that you have a pretty good idea of where to find a lot of eager
ghostwriting resources, how do you qualify and select one?
Choosing Your Winning Ghostwriter
The first thing is you should be precise in what you’re looking for. If you need
someone to flesh out an e-book on the subject of your time in Vietnam, that is a
very different project, and will attract a completely different set of resources,
than a project to write, from scratch, on how to build an internal combustion
engine or a set of six articles on how to get your website the top rating on
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