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have been in the local paper for generations – you can post an ad for something
you want done, and you can peruse ads for “situations wanted” where many
professionals will advertise their services for you to find.
There are hundreds if not thousands of online classifieds sites in the US alone,
but one of the better ones – because of its interface, popularity and fee structure –
is Craig’s List.
Staring in the San Francisco area, Craig’s now carries listings for dozens of US
cities. And as of late 2005 the fee structure is compelling – ads from a few major
metropolitan areas carry fees, but in 75% of the country, they’re completely free.
Craig’s carries personals and a lot of other material, but can be very useful when
looking for freelance support such as writing and ghostwriting. Craig’s does
offer some basic protections along the lines of traditional classifieds (where you
would respond to a box, not a person) in the form of anonymous re-mailing and
so on.
If you prefer to work with someone locally, though in most cases there is little or
no advantage to that when using a project ghostwriter, you may want to look
into the classified sections online of your own local newspapers and magazines.
Online Job Boards
While you are not precisely offering a “job,” you are looking to employ a writer
for a period of time, and we know for a fact that freelancers – particularly higher-
end freelancers looking for multi-month contracts – check the major job boards
Today the three major boards include:
And there are dozens of smaller ones, including some that are geared specifically
towards “contract” employment, which is the fancier way of saying freelance or
project work.
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