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vendors will not spend money to win business, and serious business
professionals more likely will.
There are also some online auctions that have higher requirements of both
buyers and sellers – verified references, a verified street address, business
registration proof and so forth.
In short hand, expect somewhat higher quality but also higher prices from the
more exclusive levels of the auction sites; from a buyer standpoint there are also
budget minimums in some cases. Some sites only take projects over $1,000, for
But in many cases the “step up” level costs almost nothing. For instance, to list
on Elance “Select” as opposed to the regular level of Elance, will only cost you a
$25 deposit per project. Almost any improvement in the quality of submissions is
worth that.
Most of the project auction sites (open and restricted) have feedback systems
similar to eBay’s, so you can do a little reading about anyone you might want to
work with before committing, and you will have feedback to use as some degree
of safety that your work will be done well.
The good news about writing is that res ipsa loquitor as the lawyers say: The thing
speaks for itself. Think about it. If a writer’s response to your online auction is
literate, grammatical and brilliant chances are you may have a good resource, at
least on the subject of general writing skills. If your submissions are word-
challenged or have glaring grammatical mistakes, move on…
The project auction sites also offer services in addition to connecting buyers and
sellers, such as “online project management” tools, bulletin board systems, and
other things and often require buyers and sellers to use their own payment
systems. Generally speaking the burden for paying for all this falls on the seller
of the services, not you, but if you want a simpler way of dealing with people,
classifieds might work for you just as well.
Online Open Classifieds
Unlike an auction, which on the eBay model will have all sorts of built-in
management mechanisms for both buyers and sellers, along with fees, interfaces
to learn and so forth, classifieds online are not much different than classifieds
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