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Act Third
[The room as before. All the doors stand open. The lamp is still burning on the
table. It is dark out of doors; there is only a faint glow from the conflagration in
the background to the left.]
[MRS. ALVING, with a shawl over her head, stands in the conservatory, looking
out. REGINA, also with a shawl on, stands a little behind her.]
MRS. ALVING. The whole thing burnt!--burnt to the ground!
REGINA. The basement is still burning.
MRS. ALVING. How is it Oswald doesn't come home? There's nothing to be
REGINA. Should you like me to take down his hat to him?
MRS. ALVING. Has he not even got his hat on?
REGINA. [Pointing to the hall.] No; there it hangs.
MRS. ALVING. Let it be. He must come up now. I shall go and look for him
myself. [She goes out through the garden door.]
MANDERS. [Comes in from the hall.] Is not Mrs. Alving here?
REGINA. She has just gone down the garden.
MANDERS. This is the most terrible night I ever went through.
REGINA. Yes; isn't it a dreadful misfortune, sir?
MANDERS. Oh, don't talk about it! I can hardly bear to think of it.
REGINA. How can it have happened--?
MANDERS. Don't ask me, Miss Engstrand! How should I know? Do you, too--?
Is it not enough that your father--?
REGINA. What about him?
MANDERS. Oh, he has driven me distracted--
ENGSTRAND. [Enters through the hall.] Your Reverence--