Getting to Know Anxiety - A Self-Help Guide HTML version

Do you often feel like this?
That's how I used to feel too.
I could have all the people around me in the world, and still I would feel all by myself.
I felt like the only person on the planet that was having such difficult problems that
were starting to affect my ability to LIVE LIFE.
At first, I thought either I was going mad, or that I must have an isolated case of some
weird disease. Of course, I could NEVER reveal how I felt to another living soul. I was
afraid I'd end up LOCKED UP in a mental health facility!
I simply had NO CLUE what was happening to me, or that other people were also
suffering just as I was. These panic attacks would just spring up from out of nowhere.
While I was working, driving, eating, or doing any number of everyday tasks.
WHY was this happening to me?
WHAT was happening to me?
And, would it EVER STOP??
I couldn’t tell anyone else about my problem, because I didn't KNOW what it was.
Until I discovered what it was that made me feel this way.
Today, I'm a VERY different person.
I KNOW what it is I am battling with on a daily basis.