Get to Know Your Jeans HTML version

Getting To Know Your Jeans
This is a quick report to help you better Ðknow“ the jeans you love! It will cover items which
you may not know about jeans such as:
The various cuts of jeans
Aspects of jeans to help you determine the brands best for you
Resources for more information
Cuts & Styles Of Jeans
Fits of jeans are determined by current styles, sex, and by the manufacturer. Here are some of
the cuts and styles of jeans for you to consider:
Ankle jeans
Baggy jeans
Boot-cut jeans
Boy cut or Boyfriend (for women)
Carpenter jeans
Dark jeans
Distressed jeans
Flare-leg jeans (aka ÐBell Bottoms“)
Loose jeans
Low-rise jeans
Original jeans
Relaxed Fit
Skinny jeans
Straight jeans
Ultra-low-rise jeans
Wide leg