Get Your Financial Life on Track


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Want to know how to get your financial life on track? What about the key things that make people financially successful? Well, you are now in the right spot to download this FREE e-Book that includes the answers to those questions, and introduces the concept that you need to be a financial winner, presenting it in a step-by-step format. Action items are provided at each stage in the process, so that you know exactly what you need to do. Download it now!


Your book should be updated to keep in touch with the times. For example most of the previous working "middle class" is now lower class, unemployed or worse yet 'UNDER-EMPLOYED", trying to scrape by living homeless or in their vehicle. Trying to find free food, resources, and trying to determine what is the best strategy for getting their financial feet back onto solid ground. I would add sections to the book on economic survival such as where to live in the country on limited means, why for instance high density population areas such as So. Calif are good areas to live in because more people means more churches or charities per sq. mile,more people can afford to provide homeless meals each day of the week. This may not be true in sparsly populated ares such as Oregon. Do you want to eat every day of the week or only twice a week? If you can not find high paying jobs like before the Depression hit in 2008 what can you do to provide any income? If you own a vehicle can you live in it and not have to pay rent? Better yet if you can not drive it every day of the week and only park it at private property locations with permission from friends or relatives, can you obtain a bike so you do not have to pay the high cost of gas, but still be able to get to homeless meals provided by local churches within a 15 mile radius? What services or jobs can you do in exchange for goods, services or cash that a traditional economy would not force to look for since there are plenty of good paying middle class jobs in "good economic times" but they totally disappear in "bad economic times".Look at what citizens of Greece are doing , they can not afford "CASH" but they are bringing back "bartering" for goods and services. Even in the USA some towns and cities are creating their own local money because the fed is printing away the value of the dollar. The problem with with getting your financial life back on track is they have torn up the track and you may have to create your own and go where runners have not gone before by creating your own "track" or jobs or economic means to survival. We are in uncharted territory today, even the last depression the Government still had money in the treasury, today they are broke.Watching the politicians argue about debt ceilings and paying off national debt is like watching a game of pass the hot potato.


good foundational basis towards financial freedom. Good job

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