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Would you like to have a passionate
love affair with your money?
You don’t have to dream about it;
it can become your reality now.
If you are tired of being in debt and struggling to keep on top of your inances, you
You probably think that good money management is about being rich or born into
money. In actuality, solid money management has nothing to do with how much
money you have or earn. It is all about how you spend it.
Money management is about money habits; it is a lifestyle and a way of life.
Most wealthy people have many assets but yet, they don’t drive a brand-new car
every year or ly around the world on private jets. Most of the time, you can’t even
recognize these people as millionaires. They are careful with their spending. They
never overspend. They live below their means, and as a result, save money.
Wealthy people live frugal lifestyles. They live in average neighbourhoods, in average
houses. They don’t buy expensive boats, watches, or suits, and most don’t even buy
brand-new cars. They always shop for bargains. It doesn’t matter how much money
they have; they will always negotiate for the best deal.
This is how they can live below their means and save money. Most of the wealthy
people that live in expensive neighbourhood or buy new cars do so after they
become rich. They always direct all their attention to saving money and making good
Planning, saving and spending carefully are some of the basics of managing money
and reaching inancial freedom.
I was able to apply some simple and proven money management rules and succeed
with my inances. Did this happen because I was a genius? No, it was because I
followed simple formulas for success.
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are in the right place. If you are tired of arguing about money and would like to
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