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Get Paid Virally
The easy way to create a passive online income, with no website, and no investment.
There are 3 simple steps to perform, so let’s run through them now.
Step One
Visit the CashCrate website, from this link, and sign-up for a free
Enter your details and click OK.
You are now a fully signed up member of the program, and entitled to
your share of the rewards, read some offers and make some money.
The program will then send you a welcome email with your referral
Most English speaking countries are catered for, and the process will
only take a minute or so.
Step Two
Take your referral link number from your welcome email, and insert it
into your free PDF brander download.
You will then have this book “branded” with your link.
Step Three
Give your branded copy away to as many people as you can, that’s it.
A short list of ways to give away your branded version is included at
the end of the report, to get you started.
That’s the run through, now for the details;
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