Garland Roses HTML version

Parts of Garland Roses were written a few years before 911 happened. There are a
couple of airport scenes within my story, which may seem a tad far fetched, nowadays,
because of the tight airport security restrictions which are currently set in place.
However, at the time these scenes were written, airport security was nothing like it is
today, and people were able and allowed to freely walk about airports, without question
or concern.
Before 911, people were permitted to see friends and family members off to their
destinations, inside the airport terminals, boarding gates, and lounges all the time. They
were also allowed to visit and roam freely about the airport even if they were not there to
fly themselves, or to send or pick up friends and family members who were flying in or
out of the airport.
The airport settings within Garland Roses are integral parts of the storyline, so I
could not remove or rewrite them without changing the flow of my story. Even though
the airport/airline scenarios I wrote can no longer happen today, I elected to keep them in,
because without them, it would change the flow of my storyline. I played with the idea
of simply setting Garland Roses to take place when I first began writing it, which was in
the early 1990’s, but I found this was an impossibility to do as well, for I’ve incorporated
so much of today’s technology into this story.
This is why my characters are able to make use of laptops and cell phones and
whatnot - even though the airport/airline scenarios I created within the pages of this book
predate these advancements in communications and technology.
I just felt the need to explain this, so that any of you, my readers, who see these little
discrepancies within my story, will understand why they are there, so you can enjoy this
story without these inconsistencies bothering you.