Gargantua and Pantagruel HTML version

and how they passed the ford
Chapter 1.XXXVII.–How Gargantua, in combing
his head, made the great
cannon-balls fall out of his hair
Chapter 1.XXXVIII.–How Gargantua did eat up
Chapter 1.XLIV.–How the Monk rid himself of
his keepers, and how
Picrochole’s forlorn hope was defeated
Chapter 1.XLV.–How the Monk carried along with
him the Pilgrims, and of
the good words that Grangousier gave them
Chapter 1.XLVI.–How Grangousier did very kindly
entertain Touchfaucet his
Chapter 1.XLVII.–How Grangousier sent for his
legions, and how Touchfaucet
slew Rashcalf, and was afterwards executed by
the command of Picrochole
Chapter 1.XLVIII.–How Gargantua set upon Pi-
crochole within the rock
Clermond, and utterly defeated the army of the
said Picrochole
Chapter 1.XLIX.–How Picrochole in his flight fell
into great misfortunes,
and what Gargantua did after the battle
Chapter 1.L.–Gargantua’s speech to the vanquished
Chapter 1.LI.–How the victorious Gargantuists
were recompensed after the
Chapter 1.LII.–How Gargantua caused to be built
for the Monk the Abbey of
For the Reader
Mr. Hugh Salel to Rabelais
The Author’s Prologue
Chapter 2.I.–Of the original and antiquity of the
great Pantagruel
Chapter 2.II.–Of the nativity of the most dread