Gargantua and Pantagruel HTML version

Chapter 1.X.–Of that which is signified by the
colours white and blue
Chapter 1.XI.–Of the youthful age of Gargantua
Chapter 1.XXVI.–How the inhabitants of Lerne,
by the commandment of
Picrochole their king, assaulted the shepherds of
Gargantua unexpectedly
and on a sudden
Chapter 1.XXVII.–How a monk of Seville saved
the close of the abbey from
being ransacked by the enemy
Chapter 1.XXVIII.–How Picrochole stormed and
took by assault the rock
Clermond, and of Grangousier’s unwillingness and
aversion from the
undertaking of war
Chapter 1.XXIX.–The tenour of the letter which
Grangousier wrote to his
son Gargantua
Chapter 1.XXX.–How Ulric Gallet was sent unto
Chapter 1.XXXI.–The speech made by Gallet to
Chapter 1.XXXII.–How Grangousier, to buy peace,
caused the cakes to be
Chapter 1.XXXIII.–How some statesmen of Pi-
crochole, by hairbrained
counsel, put him in extreme danger
Chapter 1.XXXIV.–How Gargantua left the city
of Paris to succour his
country, and how Gymnast encountered with the
Chapter 1.XXXV.–How Gymnast very souply and
cunningly killed Captain
Tripet and others of Picrochole’s men
Chapter 1.XXXVI.–How Gargantua demolished
the castle at the ford of Vede,