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Game of Life: The Fifth Flower

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Published: 3 years ago

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Life is a game and we ought to play it. I have always loved games; but I did not always love my life. It is full of things such as shame, duties, responsibilities and it often really feels like a "Load"-button is missing for us to rewind our mistakes. Therefore life is a game on "Hardcore"-mode. We have only one chance unless we believe in the afterlife, which I do, however, I do not intend to wait and see if it's any better than the current one. We must learn to play; we must learn the ultimate skills that helps us survive in the Game of Life. "Game of Life: The Fifth Flower" is a book about love, happiness, success, innovation, intelligence, the importance of practice, temperament theory and the overwhelming power of games. Let our adventure begin!


Clear and well-structured thoughts. The smooth course of speech. Deep and exciting themes. Very nice to read.I loved it, Asger Rosendal Thorn!


Asger Rosendal Thorn

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