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Gambling Profits
Taking the Gamble out of Gambling
deposit to their bankroll, random deposit of money in customer accounts, and giving
away vacations for particular levels of total money bet.
2. Better Rules
According to experienced online gamblers, online gambling has better rules compared to
physical casinos.
3. Cozy Gambling
Of course, the online world makes online gambling another convenient way to have fun
in the comfort of home.
4. Less Annoyances.
Troubles with drunken people, smokers and thieves. With online gambling these real
casino troubles are avoided.
5. No Tipping Obligation.
Unlike playing in a real casino, you don't have to be obligated to tip the waiters and
Cons of Online Gambling
1. Patience is a Virtue
Cashing out can be a bit tedious with online gambling compared to real casino gambling.
One may be prompted to wait for about 2-4 weeks for cashing out. With this in mind, the
use of debit card is advised since with it, it is a lot faster to make your credit appear.
2. Customer Service Boo-Boos
Depending on where you play, you don't have that face to face confrontation power with
the online gambling site. Some sites may offer toll-free calls and e-mail correspondence.
But these are prone to delays compared to just talking to the casino manager or
something to that effect.
3. Online gambling casinos call the shots.
With online gambling, the player may have to deal with the casino's word as the final
word when any dispute surfaces.