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Gambling Profits
Taking the Gamble out of Gambling
Roulettes were invented by Blasé Pascal, a French mathematician, in 1842. It is a simple
gambling game where you have to bet on which number a small ball will hit. I have
placed roulette in this section with a question mark because at the time of writing I am
about to research several strategies that have become available to me. Until I research
these methods I remain skeptical of being able to return consistent profits from this game
however if one of the strategies proves effective I will place details on the book member
site possibly as a free bonus for subscribers to the mailing list.
Poker is the most popular casino game and has become even more so in the form of
Texas Holdem poker tournaments on television. Poker is believed to have originated
from the game ‘as nas’, which is a Persian game. It uses a deck of cards for a series of
betting rounds. The player with the best hand wins the pot. Poker is also regarded as a
game of strategy and skill. By studying and applying quality strategies and skills a player
can make good profits from this game. You can find more information about how to learn
these skills on the member site for this book. Access details are on the last page.
Sports betting
Sports’ betting has boomed in the gambling industry in recent years mainly because the
internet has given more widespread and convenient access to betting on any sport you
care to mention. Common sports bets are: against the spread, against odds, against a
combination of spread and odds, and head-to-head bets just to name a few. Sports’
betting is the other area where you can make good money risk free by taking advantages
of opportunities in the market. You’ll find more information on these opportunities when
you visit the book member site.
Online Gambling
To Gamble Online or Not to Gamble Online - That is the Question
Compared to a real casino experience, here are some of the considerable pros and cons of
online gambling:
Pros of Online Gambling
1. Hot Offers
As a competitive business, online gambling can give so much to persuade gamblers. They
could offer bonuses for new customers to sign up, i.e., additional 10-50% of their initial