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Gambling Profits
Taking the Gamble out of Gambling
Slot Machines
The user has no control over any aspect of play with these machines except the size of
their bets so you are at the mercy of lady luck. The house edge is usually considerable so
this form of gambling should only be used for a little fun with spare change.
Another popular game particularly with retired people, this game is again a pure luck
game. You purchase a game card and wait for numbers to be called and if you’re lucky
you may win a prize but most people just do it for fun and rarely win anything.
Keno has become very popular in clubs, bars, and online casinos in recent years. The
large payouts encourage gamblers with the dream of winning big but the miniscule odds
are reflected in the payouts available.
Much the same as the keno story here although the game has a high participation rate
because we all like to have a little go at the million dollars. We’d all love to win millions
but sadly the odds are so small you wouldn’t bet your house on it or you will certainly
end up living in a tent.
Games where it is possible to make a profit
Horse Racing
Horse racing is one form of gambling that the vast majority of people loose their money
on, however it is possible to make a good income from racing given the proper skills and
investment capital to work with. One problem here is that there are so many sources,
ratings services and promoters of software that are complete rip-offs that it’s often hard to
know what is genuine and what is not. I myself was the victim of one of the software rip-
offs many years ago at which point I decided to educate myself about racing and
gambling in general. Ironically what I did learn about staking in particular if applied to
the selections from that software would have turned a big loss into a small profit. This
proves how important money management strategies are in the grand scheme of a
profitable investment approach as apposed to a gambling one.
Many approaches to profitable horse racing use ratings services etc, but there are less
risky and more consistent ways of profiting by looking at horse racing in the same way as
profiting from any sports betting. The member site (see last page for access) has details of
the best method of sports betting for guaranteed profits by looking at opportunities in the
market in the same way as a skilled stock market investor looks for opportunities in that