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Taking the Gamble out of Gambling
One would be surprised to see such a long list. Keep in mind, there are as many "fake"
casinos as there are "real" ones. Always check the site carefully. Better be sure than sorry.
You’ll find that the casinos listed on the member site are quality sites and some have
even won awards from the online gambling magazine. Be that as it may still read all
agreements and playing rules carefully as it is your money and a wise practice to know
that you have carried out due diligence before handing over your hard earned cash.
Betting Exchanges – New Kids on the Block
The most recent addition to a gambler’s options for sports betting is the betting
exchanges. Betting exchanges represent a significant and increasing competitor and
challenge to the gambling market-share of traditional online sports book sites. There are a
few different exchanges around but the biggest by far is BetFair. Betting exchanges work
differently to traditional bookmakers in that they are basically Peer-To-Peer (P2P) betting.
To explain what Peer-To-Peer betting is we’ll use an analogy of you and a friend sitting
at the local sports bar watching the big football game. Let’s say you like Team A and
your buddy likes Team B. You might have a friendly bet where you are so confident that
you offer your friend 2/1 (Two to One means that if you agree to a $10 bet then if you
loose the bet then you pay your friend $20). In essence the bet between you and your
friend is the way that a betting exchange works with the following differences:
1. The other person or people you are betting with are anonymous.
2. The betting exchange makes its money by taking a percentage of winnings.
(Normally this starts at 5% however if your betting volume reaches certain
levels this percentage reduces).