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Hello, dear GDI member,
My name is Dimitris Theodosopoulos and I am 23 years old.
I live in Patra, a very beautiful coastal city in the middle of
I am a student at the University and I study Chemistry.
In my free time I play soccer for a local team
in Patra.
I started with Internet Marketing 3 years
ago, as I wanted to find a part-time job from
the comfort of my own home. After spending a whole year
experimenting in Internet, I realized that I was pretty good at
Network Marketing. So I started searching for a company, in
order to begin my online trip. I was so exited to join GDI, because it was exactly
what I was looking for. A legitimate company offering great products and an
awesome compensation plan. My enthusiasm forced me to set things up correctly
and name my goals. I persisted when things were not going very well and I
always thought of my goals.
Now I have created a solid residual income with GDI and I can enjoy all the
comforts I earned after 2 years of work.
I can tell you for sure that reaching your goals is very possible. If me, a student of
chemistry and amateur soccer player, who had never used Internet before in his
life, can be successful online, you can be too.
That's why I wrote GDI Star Plan. I give you the methods and techniques I used
to create a huge downline with GDI. Don't expect to see a perfect writing here or
complicated grammar that a professional writer would use. You may come across
to many syntax or orthographic errors, but this is not the point.
The point is that this e-book is the perfect strategy to earn you money with GDI,
written with the most simple words.
Follow my plan and you cannot lose.
FOCUS, PERSIST and LOVE what you are doing!
Copyright © Dimitris Theodosopoulos