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My Beloved Land









Many thanks to Dr Detlef Frormann for his support in this effort.



Namibia’s Future


Many years ago I was asked, “Who are you?” This was before Independence and I understood my credentials were being questioned. My reply was, “First, I am a human being, and secondly I am a Namibian. Last, and least important, I am coloured”.


A friend of mine encouraged me to prepare this book and put down my thoughts on the development of Namibia and immediately I knew the above words should start off the book. I also knew the following words of Karl Marx, written in a letter to his father, would be fitting:


“There are moments in one's life which are like frontier posts marking the completion of a period but at the same time clearly indicating a new direction.


At such a moment of transition we feel compelled to view the past and the present with the eagle eye of thought in order to become conscious of our real position. Indeed, world history itself likes to look back in this way and take stock, which often gives it the appearance of retrogression or stagnation, whereas it is merely, as it were, sitting back in an armchair in order to understand itself and mentally grasp its own activity, that of the mind.”1


I am Milton Louw, and these are my ideas on making a better future for Namibia.




Brotherhood among us (1987)


Can’t we all come and meet each other

And no matter what colour we may be

Be able to show we love one another

And then together we’ll stand, you and me

The leaders of Tomorrow,

Planning for what is to come

Otherwise there will be lots of needless sorrow

Over killing which are quite dumb.


So come closer now and grab my hand

And we’ll accept each other as brothers

And then together we’ll be able to stand

To show our Father and Mothers

We want to plan for a common future

No matter what our race, colour or culture.