Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C# HTML version

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- Stanislav
- Svetlin Nakov
- Teodor Rusev
- Tihomir Iliev
- Todor Mitev
- Vasya Stankova
- Ventsi Shterev
- Vesselin Georgiev
- Vesselina Raikova
- Vladimir
- Vladimir Tsenev
- Yoan Krumov
- Zhelyazko
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If you don’t fully trust the authors who wrote this book, you can take
inspiration from its reviews written by leading worldwide specialists,
including software engineers at Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP and VMware.
Review by Nikola Mihaylov, Microsoft
Programming is an awesome thing! People have been trying for hundreds of
years to make their lives easier, in order to work less. Programming allows
humanity’s tendency towards laziness to continue. If you are a computer
freak or if you’d just like to impress others with a good website or something
of yours "never-seen -before", then you are welcome. No matter if you are
part of the relatively small group of "freaks" who get off on encountering a
nice program or if you’d just like to fulfill yourself professionally and lead your
life outside the workplace, this book is for you.
The fundamental concepts of a car’s engine haven’t changed in years –
something inside it burns (gas, oil or whatever you have filled it with) and the
car rolls along. Likewise, the concepts of programming haven’t changed for