Fundamentals of Buddhism HTML version

Buddhism has long been an important part of the
cultural heritage of South East Asia. The monuments of
Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Borobudur in Indonesia are
just two of countless testimonies to the former greatness
of Buddhism in this region. In Singapore too Buddhism is
an important element in the cultural heritage of the people.
The fact that a large section of the Chinese Community as
well as the small but influential Srilankan Community
acknowledge Buddhism as the primary force shaping their
religious ideals and moral values is more than proof of
this. Nonetheless, it is certain that if Buddhism is to
continue to exercise a positive influence upon present and
future generations, it cannot remain content with the
achievements of the past. The religious ideals and moral
values of Buddhism which have proved so useful to past
generations must be transmitted to men and women living
in a changing world. In order that this can be accomp-
lished, it is important that the teachings of the Buddha be
made available to the largest number of people.
With this objective in mind, the Srilankaramaya
Buddhist Temple invited Dr Santina to deliver a series
of public lectures. The lectures outlined the funda-
mentals of Buddhism and were well delivered. As a
result, it was decided to produce transcriptions of the
lectures and publish them in the form of a book to be
made freely available. It is also hoped that the
publication will contribute in a small degree to the
understanding of the genuine teachings of the Buddha.