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Talk about obvious. There we were, set up for the night and pretty much
hidden amongst the trees well to the rear of a quiet outback rest area. What gave us
away, I guess, were the overloaded Toyota Troop Carrier, our 18-foot solar-powered
caravan, and a raft of other gypsy gear. A couple of Grey Nomads, no doubt about it!
So it wasn’t too long before a caravanning couple wandered across from their nearby
rest-stop to say “G’day”. And their timing was excellent: the kettle had just reached the
boil, and for the next half-hour, over tea and bikkies, they enthusiastically quizzed us
about life on the road. How? Why? Where? Problems? That sort of thing.
In fact approaches of this sort, by total strangers, have become quite frequent over
recent years perhaps it’s fair to assume that more and more people are considering
the lifestyle. As well, there was my recreational course ‘Living On the Road’ that we ran
for the Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne a few years back which produced a
constant stream of similar enquiries from course participants. Still more recently, during
our stint as caretakers for a busy caravan park in country Victoria, we enjoyed daily
opportunities to play the role of evangelists for ‘Freedom Road’.
The point is, over all this time, certain patterns started to emerge; many of the questions
came at us time and time again. It seemed that, despite the interest and attraction in
this low-cost, carefree lifestyle, many people lacked the confidence and know-how to
take that initial step. Understandably, for some it seems just a little too daunting.
Perhaps it’s time to delve a little more deeply into what we have found to be the most
common of these concerns so that, with deeper insight, we might put them all to rest.
So, let’s get started. In the following pages is a selection of the sorts of questions we
and other fulltime travellers are frequently asked. Should you require more information,
these and many other issues are covered in detail in our new series of budget-priced
© 2008 by W.V. Revill