Fulltime RV Lifestyles: The Most Frequently Asked Questions HTML version

Introduction 3
Living on the road? That’s no different to being a tourist is it? 4
Isn’t it dangerous, camping in the bush on your own? 4
Doesn’t it cost a bundle to set yourself up to be independent of RV parks? 5
Isn’t a 4x4 vehicle necessary for a nomadic lifestyle? 5
Our entire outfit will have to be new and top quality, won’t it? 6
How long will it take us to travel right around Australia? 6
What sort of fridge do you recommend for fulltime travel? 7
Boredom? How can that be, on a fulltime holiday in a country like Oz? 8
Which RV is best: caravan or motorhome? 9
Where do you find all those free campsites you’re always talking about? 9
How can we stay in touch with family and friends for months on end? 10
Links for further info 11
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