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Close beside you.


To wake up in the morning,

And see you lying there,

To hear you breathing softly,

And run my fingers through your hair,

To feel contented in every way,

And know our love is real,

To realise I am special to you,

That’s how you make me feel.


To kiss your rosy cheeks,

Sense the warmth of tender lips,

To gently stroke your hands,

Down to your fingertips,

To glide my hand so lightly,

Across the contours of your skin,

I thank the Lord Almighty,

For how lucky I have been.


To be right there beside you,

As you stir and then awaken,

To see the glint and sparkle,

In your eyes as they slowly widen,

To watch a smile appear,

As you are comforted in knowing,

I am right there close beside you,

My love for you is everlasting.