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It’s never too late.


I sit here staring all day long,

Wondering why life went so wrong,

The love we shared when we were young,

The tunes we loved and the songs we sung.


Things have changed, I know not why,

What happened to our visions of reaching for the sky?

The plans we made have disappeared into the haze,

Have we grown apart or are we just in a different phase?


We’ve tried our best for all these years,

There have been ups and downs and plenty of tears,

Not all were of sadness, many were of joy,

Don’t you remember the birth of our little boy?


It seems the best memories are easily forgotten,

Life’s daily battle can make one feel so rotten,

But we must not forget the good times we have shared,

With our friends and family and those who cared.


It’s never too late to start anew,

To rekindle the feelings that we once knew,

Find the love and understanding, believe once more

That the past is behind us, there is only our future to live for.