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A mid-December day.


On a cold and grey, mid-December day,

Suddenly, you left me all alone,

Far from anywhere and anyone,

Desperately I tried to reach you on the phone.


You disappeared that night from my life,

I did not know where you had gone,

My thoughts were for you and how you felt,

But thoughts for me - you had none.


I tried to find you.  I wanted to hear your voice,

But no discussion. No word.

No help or comfort from any quarter,

I felt that no one cared.


Worried and concerned I waited…

That night it snowed heavily,

I thought of you, and us. I missed you so,

As the flakes fell silently.


Next morning the sky looked threatening,

The snow and ice lay thick upon the ground,

All day I waited, hoped and prayed,

I had not lost the love I’d found.


That day was cold and lonely,

There was little I could do,

The ‘shortest day’ was the longest day,

All I could think about was you.


What had I done that was so bad,

To deserve what you did to me,

You left me in a shattered state,

Our future together now a memory.


After all we had shared this was not fair,

The pain still lingers to this day,

To leave me all alone, so far from home,

On a cold and grey, mid-December day.