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Is this the end?


Rarely these days I sit and write poems like this

But after all these years you’re still the one I miss.


My love for you has not gone away,

It can’t, it won’t,

Why?  I cannot say.


For this reason, I know, my love is true,

I have met others,

But my love is still only for you.


It isn’t true, it was never true,

That I wanted more than what I could give,

My promise to you as long as we both shall live.


Just because the years are now rolling by,

Doesn’t mean to say,

When I think of you, I don’t cry.


Through events that tore our hearts apart,

Your love for me has gone,

But I’ve nothing to be ashamed of for what I have done.


I know you don’t accept these words I say,

I' was hoping you’d want me back one day.


All I can think now,

Is will I ever see you again,

Have you gone forever?

Is this the end?