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Thank you.


We cannot part without me thanking you,

For the memorable times that we’ve shared together,

Through the ups and downs your love was true,

I wish that it could have lasted forever.


My love for you grew like a giant oak tree,

My feelings, like roots, delve very deep,

I have tried to suppress them to set you free,

But the strain overcomes me, and I weep.


I gave of myself all that I could,

But some things don’t work out as one intends,

As you were never in doubt as to where you stood,

I hope that we can always be friends.


There will always be a place in my heart,

For you for the rest of my days,

And though we may be many miles apart,

I’ll still love you in so many ways.


The signs were there, it wasn’t meant to be,

This day would come, I always knew,

So for everything that you’ve done for me,

From the bottom of my heart, “thank you”.