From the Dreams of Morpheus HTML version

Just working through the pretrial motions was agonizing in itself. Have
you told the Burnbacks?“
ÐNo,“ Rafe replied with a yawn. ÐI’ll ring them up this evening.
They’ll be happy to know that they’ve just become billionaires.“
ÐHmm . . . at the cost of their daughter’s life. What else were you
going to tell me?“
ÐDinner,“ Rafe said, leaning forward. ÐDinner at the Iron Chef.“
ÐI don’t have a craving for Japanese today.“
ÐWould you prefer a diet of teradiscs?“
ÐYou’ve hardly looked at me since I came in. What is so fascinating
about that disc?“
ÐOh!“ Kathy managed a slight smile. ÐThis is from my mother’s
collection. I found it this afternoon while I was cleaning out some old
files.“ Kathy held the disc closer and squinted. ÐCase number 6354Ï
People vs. Jon Alter. November 23, 2081.“
Rafe stood and leaned over her desk for a closer look. ÐThat’s the
case that put your mother in the spotlightÏthe first Exile sentencing.“
Kathy sighed. ÐShe should never have agreed to defend him. The
prosecution had a mountain of DNA evidence. This was just six months
after the 8th Amendment was rescinded and Justice had kicked off their
Exile program. They were looking to make an example and Jon Alter
handed it to them on a platter.“
ÐExile beats capital punishment,“ Rafe offered.
ÐDoes it?“ Kathy asked. ÐMy mother thought it was horribly cruel.
What if an exile is innocent? It’s unthinkable.“
Rafe plucked the disc from her fingers and flipped it like a coin.
ÐAnd others would argue that decapitating two children and their
mother is unthinkable.“
ÐCareful with that!“ Kathy snapped as she caught the disc in mid-
flight. ÐThey don’t make storage like this any more. I’m trying to find a
holo decoder that can play it.“
ÐFor historical interest?“
ÐNot really,“ Kathy replied as she gently tucked the disc into an
envelope. ÐIt would be nice to see my mother in action again, at the top
of her game. I was just a child during the trial, but I remember the toll it
took on Mom. Every evening she would come through the door looking
as if someone had just beaten the hell out of her. I’d awaken in the
middle of the night and still see the light shining under the door of her