From the Dreams of Morpheus HTML version

I am eternally grateful to the Blessed Mother for wiping that nightmare
from my mind.
Thankfully, I can still remember the moment when She placed her
radiant hand on my shoulder. The pain of being connected to such
sinless purity nearly shattered my soul. I shrank away with a scream.
ÐDo not be afraid,“ She said. ÐThere is hope yet. You are abandoned
by humanity, but not by me.“
She fulfills her promise to feed and nourish me, but it has been at
least 10 Ceti years since I have looked upon Her Blessed Face or heard
Her soothing voice. I have gone gray in Her service and the relentless
wind has scoured my features. It would be wonderful to glimpse Her
beauty again, unfaded by time. The visage I see in my grotto pool is
that of an aging man, well beyond the summer of his life and slouching
into autumn.
After my Rosary I believe I will climb to the top of the mesa. As I
was falling asleep last night I heard the rumble of the triadons. They
are migrating north and it is always a treat to see them. Their long
necks wave like a field of impossibly tall grass and their scales flash in
myriad colors. I can see their wide mouths inhaling clouds of dust
stingers, continuously feeding from air. It will be a week before the last
stragglers of the herd pass the mesa and vanish over the horizon.
God is wonderful in His works.
Kathy gazed at the dusty teradisc and tried to read its label in the
gathering darkness. A simple voice command would have brought up
the office lights, but she didn’t want to break the mood. Sleet pecked
incessantly at the window while a Bach concerto floated overhead.
The door annunciator chimed. ÐCome,“ she called out.
Rafe shook the water and ice from his beige longcoat as he swept
into the room. ÐIt is your partner bearing good news and an invitation
to dinner!“ Rafe fell into his favorite chair and allowed his coat to spill
over the arms.
ÐI’ll take the news first.“
ÐJudge Hammond has excused himself from the Burnback case.
Lunacon will definitely settle. They won’t want to pursue another
Kathy shrugged as she continued to stare at the disc. ÐThat’s just as
well. I don’t think I could have spent another day in that courtroom.