From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

life-giving nature. However, we can choose to block this sun from our lives by allowing
dark clouds to form over our heads. These clouds are the belief that we have committed
an unforgiveable sin, that we have irreparably offended God. And we cannot bear the
thought that someone else could be sinless and have God’s approval while we have to
live without God’s approval.
We have made a cycle of sin, guilt, fear, and attack. We feel that we have sinned and
that God can no longer accept us. We feel fear and we attempt to transfer our guilt onto
others in order to get rid of this guilt. Then we attack others because we feel that they
deserve our judgment. Then we feel we have sinned against God for attacking and
judging others. And the cycle keeps repeating.
How do we exit this cycle, this seemingly infinite loop of despair? All we need to do is
realize that we cannot contradict God’s will, that we are not more powerful than God.
God created and sustains eternal, guiltless beings who share his nature of love. His will
is our will. Sometimes we are confused about what we are, but none of this confusion
can affect the reality of what we are and what we will always be.
While we are in a dream, we can choose to believe that the dream is real. However,
when we awaken from the dream, we realize that the dream can be forgotten and that it
has no effect on reality. When we awaken, we will realize that all of our illusions and
errors can be undone, that God loves all of us equally, that there is no need to be
special in order to earn God’s love, and that love eternally unites all of us in God.
The following essay summarizes some of the ideas in the “Song of Prayer,” which can
be found in the book A Course in Miracles.
You can only forgive yourself, for it is only your “sins” that you see in another. It seems
that another is sinful, but if this were the case, how could you ever be free from being
harmed by him? You would be his prisoner forever. However, you can release yourself
and your brother together when you offer true forgiveness. As long as this world seems
to be your home, there will be illusions and errors. However, if you look at the world
through Christ’s eyes, you will see that your mistakes can be overlooked and that
eternal peace will be yours.
Forgiveness that has been corrupted by the world can be called “forgiveness-to-
destroy.” This type of “forgiveness” focuses on guilt and sin. This type of “forgiveness”
overlooks real love because it sees salvation in guilt. “Forgiveness-to-destroy” is death,
and it hates everything that it sees because it reminds it of death. “Forgiveness-to-
destroy” appears in many ways, but it has one goal: to make different and to separate
what God created equal and whole. The following are some of the more common forms
of “forgiveness-to-destroy”: