From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

force in the universe as if it were weak, because you do not believe you are part
of it.
--A Course in Miracles
In conclusion, the world believes in scarcity, lack, and, loss. If these things are true,
then life is inherently unfair and we are justified in being angry, defending the little that
we think we have, and attacking those who try to take the little that we think we have. A
Course in Miracles teaches that a thought reversal is needed so that we will recognize
what we are--unlimited love. The means to accomplish this thought reversal is through
the practicing of forgiveness and non-judgment. In this way, the past and future can be
relinquished and the holy instant accepted. At the moment the holy instant is accepted,
we will recognize that we are one with God and His creation, and the light of this
knowledge will extend into infinity.
Beyond the body, beyond the sun and stars, past everything you see and yet
somehow familiar, is an arc of golden light that stretches as you look into a great
and shining circle. And all the circle fills with light before your eyes. The edges of
the circle disappear, and what is in it is no longer contained at all. The light
expands and covers everything, extending to infinity forever shining and with no
break or limit anywhere. Within it everything is joined in perfect continuity. Nor is
it possible to imagine that anything could be outside, for there is nowhere that
this light is not.
--A Course in Miracles
You Can Reflect Heaven Here
In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your
Creator shines forth from you to all around you. You can reflect Heaven here.
--A Course in Miracles
What do we really want? Do we want joy or misery? Of course we want joy, right? Then
why do we do so many things that cause misery?
God created us pure and guiltless, but we have chosen to see ourselves as guilty. Then
we place this guilt upon others and attack them because we view them as guilty. We
choose to see ourselves and others as sinful. Therefore, we want to separate ourselves
from others to hide our own guilt or to punish others for their guilt. At the same time, we
cannot bear to be alone. We are a contradiction of desires and are therefore insane.
The choice to hold on to guilt and sin is the choice to be unhappy.
How do we get rid of sin and guilt? Surely, we cannot get rid of sin and guilt by claiming
that we are sinful and guilty and reinforcing this idea. If God created us as eternally holy
and guiltless, and if God judges us as being guiltless, then we are pushing away God’s
gifts and God’s truth about what we are when we deny this. We still value guilt because