From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

When my heart is afflicted
When I fear my mistakes
When the solid earth quakes
When I am afraid of what I've done
When I think that happiness won't come
I need only be calm and still
There is no will but God's will
It is God's sure promise and guarantee
Joy will be the outcome of all we see
We can delay this final good result
We can continue to attack and insult
But it is as sure as God's will is one
That God's will on heaven and earth is done
And God wills nothing but joy for his creation
And to raise it from its present lowly station
Do you think that your wish at some dark hour
Could cancel God's will and awesome power?
Rather, be thankful that your dark wish is frail
Your effort to replace God will, in the end, fail
For when you come to the end of your way
You will return to God and hear him say,
"Indeed, you have never left your home with me
Though you have been unaware and could not see
And now you can forget your dream of sin
You are my holy son and always have been
And now you realize that our will is one
For my presence and joy you cannot outrun"
The Thief
This poem deals with the “special relationship.”
The soul that does itself despise
Looks for another to tell it lies
This soul seeks to throw itself away
And to steal another self as prey
And this unhappy soul's heavy guilt
Is the base on which its ties are built
The special relationship is an attempt
To get rid of festering self-contempt
But how can this soul's guilt cease to burn
When it offers the other nothing in return